9 Ways to Use Your Balmy Towel

9 Ways to Use Your Balmy Towel

It's no surprise people love Turkish towels so much these days. They really became a staple accessory over the past few years and continue to grow in popularity, mostly due to the fact that they're not only stylish, but also super versatile. Lightweight, absorbent, quick-drying and sand-free (yes you read that right!), not only are they the perfect beach and travel towel, but can also be used as bath towels, picnic blankets, yoga towels and so much more.

With your Balmy Towel, long gone are the days when you would bring home soggy, smelly, sandy towels after a relaxing day at the beach. Oh, and they look super good, no matter how you use them. Keep reading if you want to find out 10 ways you can use your Balmy Towels.


1.Beach/Pool Towel

Balmy Towels Turkish towels can be used as beach and pool towels and they'll give you that coveted beach look effortlessly.  They take so little space in your bag that you'll be able to bring all your other beach essentials along too. Time to say good bye to the traditional bulky towels! They're quick-drying and sand-free, so you don't have to worry about bringing the beach back home after you spent all day working on your tan! 


2.Picnic blanket

Before heading out for your weekend walk, make sure to pack a Balmy towel in your bag in case you want to stop and relax at the park and enjoy a little impromptu picnic. Our XL towels are perfect if you want to have a picnic with friends, as they can accommodate 2-3 people sitting, but are still compact enough so you can bring them anywhere without having to pack an extra bag.


3.Bath towel

Balmy towels turkish towels are compact but super absorbent, hence why they're also the perfect bath towels. Even if they're thin, they'll dry you out in seconds, thanks to the special handloom technique used to weave them. Our turkish towels will instantly enhance the look of your bathroom and make it Instagram worthy! All our turkish towels are good for the home, but if you still prefer a super thick and enveloping towel for when you come out of your shower, the Ariel towel will be perfect for you. It's our thicker model, super plus and luxurious and will make you feel like you're at the spa!


4.Hand towel / dish cloth

Our towels come in three sizes and the mini size is the perfect hand towel and dish cloth. Our hand towels are also perfect to use as a head towel for when you come out of the shower, again making it a super stylish accessory to have around the house. Great decors are made in the small details and these mini towels are one perfect way to add a touch of style to your kitchen and your bathroom.

5.Travel towel

As if there aren't already enough reasons to love them, Balmy towels are also the perfect travel accessory! Ultra-compact and lightweight, they're super easy to carry around without taking any extra space in your bags. Plus, you can use it as a plane blanket on your way to your next destination!

6.Table cloth/runner

Have you ever wondered how to make that backyard picnic table look picture perfect when having friends and family over? Or maybe just for a romantic date? Balmy towels turkish towels are a great way to add that extra detail. 


7.Throw/blanket and decor accent for the house

Our luxurious turkish towels are also a great way to add a finishing touch to any room's decor. Use them as throw on your couch, a chair or your bed end to achieve a more complete and distinguished look. Whether you're looking for a classic, timeless look or a colourful trendy vibe, we have a towel that'll help you achieve the tone you want to give to your room. Our Serena XL towel is our founder's favorite to use as a throw during the summer. It's plusher and a bit thicker than the other towels, but still compact and lightweight enough to make a great light throw for warmer days. For a more aztec/mexican blanket look, you'll want to take a look at our Rae XL towel, it'll definitely add some colours and warmth to your space. 



Still in the fashion field, you can use your Balmy towel as a scarf for colder weather. Just wrap it around your neck, et voilà! You can go with the Astrid towel for a more classic look or the Mia towel if you like your accessories to be more "out there". They're super plush, making them the perfect winter accessory.


Once at the beach or at the pool, you can also your Balmy towel as a cute dress or sarong for when you need to go grab a drink or food. Because they're oversized and lightweight, it's easy to wrap them around your neck for a perfect stylish beach overall.