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Not sure which one to go for?

Our towels come in two sizes for maximum comfort and versatility

Classic Towels

Our classic towels are nothing like traditional beach or bath towels. They're the perfect size to be able to wrap yourself in it after a dip or lay down at the beach without having half of your body in the sand. 

If you're taller than 6ft or simply like to lay down in a star position, then we recommend going with the maxi towels! 

Sizes vary between 90 x 170 cm (35'' x 67'') and

100 X 180 cm (39'' x 70'')

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Maxi Towels

Our maxi towels are the perfect beach blanket. Although they are oversized, they remain super compact and easy to carry around. 

These are perfect for you if you want to use them as a picnic or beach blanket to sit around with 2-3 people or simply for yourself if you love the extra space and comfort!

Sizes vary between 140x200 cm (55'' x 78'') and 

150 X 220 cm (59'' x 87'')

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Ultra-Absorbent Towels 

Don't be fooled by their compactness, Balmy Towels are still super absorbent. The secret resides in the length of the yarns used and the way they are woven, which makes them incredibly thin, yet super absorbent. 

These fouta towels will dry your whole body just as fast as a normal towel would and because they are so thin, they themselves dry super fast as well. It's a win win, no matter how you look at it! 

Extra absorbent, extra compact, extra cute, what else could you wish for! Shop our store for your next favorite beach towel and bath towel!